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We offer an excellent buying experience for our customers by using our high-quality service and wide product selection, which are part of an international group that manufactures and distributes rubber products since 1970. More than 40,000 rubber products are in stock and are available for next-day delivery, making us one of the largest rubber distributors in the UK. We are A UK Manufacturer of Rubber and gym mats Components.

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In order to guide our customers with the right product selection, we have a wealth of experience on which to draw. In addition to compound selection, we also offer advice on composition. Aside from producing products to specific specifications, we also provide physical, chemical, and mechanical testing to ISO and ASTM standards of our products. We have dedicated plants in Europe and Asia to manufacture products that meet specific customer needs.

Quality Policy:

We have a quality policy available on our website. If you would like to obtain any of product, please email You will get satisfactory and quality products.

Rubber UK Innovative Company: is an innovative company that provides businesses and homes across the United Kingdom with commercial, industrial, and domestic matting solutions. has over 40 years of experience in the matting industry. Customer service is one of our key strengths, and we aim to help customers find the best solution, whether it’s improving aesthetics or decor, improving health and safety, or reducing cleaning costs. We will always be happy to offer free assistance and advice.

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Rubber floor mats are the best entrance mats on the market for stopping dirt and water, and our website offers an excellent selection of commercial, industrial, and domestic matting for a wide range of applications. We are the UK’s leading supplier of rubber matting. Mats are available in all shapes and sizes, from door mats for the home to industrial mats for production lines. We offer a variety of mats, including entrance mats, coir mats, logo mats, as well as innovative forklift mats. We can even make mats to measure in custom sizes, and all of our mats are durable, safe, and made from high-quality materials. The rubber matting rolls in excellent quality is available in different types. The rubber mats we supply can be differentiated from any other manufacturers.The company is based in UK, and offers fast shipping throughout the UK. You can also buy with confidence, because we offer refund if, for any reason, you are not satisfied with your purchase. To request a refund of any of our matting products, please contact us. We offer fast delivery of all our matting products.