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Gym Mats

What are Gym Mats?

Gym mats are the mats which are used in gyms to cover the floor from jumping and falling heavy weights. These mats are placed to give a comfortable standing to the athletes and the learners. These mats add comfort in the work out of the body builders and athletics. These are also placed on the floor for special yoga practices. The mats are ideally made from rubber material which adds longevity and durability to these mats. Gym sheets not only cover the floor but also helps to avoid any kind of accident which can be due to falling body builders. These mats have extra grip and stay tightly on the floor without moving. This extra grip to the floor feature makes these mats ideal to avoid slipping and reducing the impact. These mats can also be manufactured from foam which will give you a very flexible yet soft area of work out.

Composition of Gym mats:

Gym mats are made from rubber and foam. Rubber mats are durable, waterproof and impact resistant. Rubber mats are tightly held to the floor and very stable. Foam mats are soft and flexible to give you a smooth and relaxing work out.

Features of Gym Mats:

These Mats comprise of all the features which are required for a smooth workout and to carry out the yoga practices on a very relaxing sheet. The most important features of these mats are given below:

  1. Durable:

These mats are either made from rubber or foam. Both these materials are very durable and reliable to be used. The composition of these materials is so fine which makes them last for a longer period.

  1. Extra Grip:

This feature of gym mats make them ideal to use as this is the feature which helps to avoid any accident and injury. These mats remain stuck to the floor even if the bodybuilder or athlete is performing his/her exercise on it, this mat will not move as it is tightly gripped to the floor.

  1. Flexible:

Flexible mats help in jumping type exercises, so ensure fitness and help to lose weight. All you need to stay over these mats.

  1. Stable:

These mats are stable and give you a balanced place to practice your training and to carry on your exercise on stable and soft mats.

Types of Gym Mats:

There are many types of fitness mats. A few types are given below:

  1. Yoga Mats:

These mats are intended to be very sticky in nature and can be manufactured from rubber, mesh and PVC. These give extra grip and stickiness to the floor to carry out your yoga practices without the fear of slipping and getting injured.

  1. Fitness mats:

These mats are very thick and ideally used for exercises like crunches and stretching. These are shock and impact absorptive and manufactured from PVC and rubber.

  1. Pilate mats:

These mats are thicker and firm to the floor. Manufactured from closed cell PVC.

  1. Foam Mats:

These mats are very thick and are an excellent choice for high intensity workouts. These are impact and shock absorptive.

How to clean the fitness mats?

These mats can be easily cleaned using soap and water. Yoga mats are simply cleaned with soap and water. Rubber mats can be washed using a brush. The bristles of the brush will scrape out the dirt and then it can be vacuum cleaned to wipe out the dirt of these mats. Then you can use pressure of water to further clean these mats.

Advantages of the gym mats:

These gym mats proved to be very beneficial if you are going to make a gym at home. You can place these mats at home to carry out certain activities and exercises. Here are some of the advantages of gym mats.

  1. Provide a very comfortable place for certain exercises
  2. Soft enough to give comfort under feet
  3. Helps to avoid any accident and injury
  4. Protect the floor from damaging
  5. Shock and impact resistive

Which kind of gym mats should I choose?

There are many sellers of gym mats but a very few sellers are there on whom you can trust. Before buying any gym mat, it must be ensured that the mats are made from excellent material so that these can last for a longer period. Stability and grip of the mat to the floor need to be checked on priority basis. A few features including durability, stability, flexibility and grip are the main features which must be examined before selecting any gym mat.

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