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Interlocking Rubber Mating Non Slip Floor Tiles



Interlocking Rubber Mating Non Slip Floor Tiles

FLOORS PROTECTIVENESS – Our interlocking rubber mating keeps your floor safe against scratches, scrapes, and marks, particularly when utilized for your carport or kids’ play region.

  1. FREE ADHESIVE TAPES – Twofold-sided tapes are included which keep the floor tangles solidly connected to your floor surface, to make sure that they don’t move while you exercise and train.
  2. PROTECT’S YOUR CHILDREN PLAY AREA – Your kid’s playing area will be safe by using our thick flooring mats.
  3. COMFORTABLE SURFACE FOR FLOOR EXERCISE – Comfort and softness will be added by using our floor mats for you to do your push-ups, Pilates, or yoga meetings.
  4. ENVIRONMENTAL FRIENDLY MATERIAL – Made of high thickness EVA froth, our floor mats don’t contain any phthalates, lead, or latex. These mats don’t contain odor and are appraised for kid safety as well

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4 TILES ( 16 Square feet), 6 TILES ( 24 Square feet), 8 TILES ( 32 Square feet), 10 TILES ( 40 Square feet), 12 TILES ( 48 Square feet), 16 TILES ( 64 Square feet), 20 TILES ( 80 Square feet), 24 TILES ( 96 Square feet), 36 TILES ( 144 Square feet), 40 TILES ( 160 Square feet), 44 TILES ( 176 Square feet), 48 TILES ( 192 Square feet)

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Black, Blue, Grey, Navy


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