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Rubber Mats:

What are Rubber Mats?

Rubber mats are any mats which are manufactured from natural and synthetic rubber. Mats can be prepared by mixing nitrile with rubber to give you durable mats. Rubber mats involve a wide range of mats including Swarf Mats, Anti-Fatigue Mats, Gym Mats and Non-slip mats. Rubber flooring has the feature of water resistance and it stays on the floor without leaving its place because of high grip. These mats are used to protect the floors from staining and damage. Widely used in industrial areas. It covers the floor for safety purposes and can be used outdoors to keep your home clean.

Rubber Matting is ideally used for providing comfort under the feet. This matting allows you to keep your home clean as it absorbs the dirt and the mud stuck with shoes. The nitrile rubber mats are soft enough to give you relief from fatigue. Produced from best quality raw material which is very finely finished to give you the best matting. The holes in these mats allow the dirt to filter out and provide a clean area.

Composition of Rubber Mats:

These mats are made from natural rubber and used to serve several applications. It comes in a broad range including gym mats, floor mats, anti fatigue mats, etc. The material used in these mats make these mats more sticky to the floor which prevents the users from slipping. These floor coverings are used in workshops, homes, gyms, etc.

Types of Rubber used in mats:

Rubber flooring has three main types; Synthetic, latex and recycled.


Uses of Rubber Matting:

It is ideally used in industrial environments where standing of workers is required to operate machines. These rubber mats allow them to work by standing on a comfortable mat which lessens the fatigue of workers.

Rubber mats consist of non-slip and water resistant features which make it usable where safety of floors and cleaning of home is essential. Used in gyms for a smooth and comfortable work out. It gives comfort under feet and comfortable standing which allows trainers and trainees to exercise in a comfortable manner. Its rubber nodules will squeeze the dirt out of the shoes so you can enter into your home without making it dirty and muddy.

It is hard wearing and gives an excellent grip to the floor and your feet. Used on the floors which need extra protection. It consists of holes for screening mud, sharp edges, waterproof and non-slip.

These natural rubber mats can also be placed on tables to safeguard the tables from heated dishes, used to clench the pot and as spoon rest. It not only provides relief but also can give a sense of warmth to you. These mats reduce the voice transmission, so can be introduced in auditoriums where conferences are conducted but the voices do not go out of that limited area.


  • Odor of Rubber Mats:
  • Rubber mats involve carboxylic acids in their composition which gives a specific smell. It is somehow considered unpleasant, so it can be stopped by soaking the mats in water mixed with baking soda. This mixture will reduce the odor of these mats.
  • Easy to clean:
  • These Rubber mats can be easily washed with
  • dish soaps, water and soft-bristle cleaning brush. These bristles of brush scrub out the dirt and mud and help to eliminate the stains.
  • Simple to use and store:
  • These mats can be wrapped to place at less spaces if not in use. Simple to lift and supplant.
  • Electric Shock Resistive:
  • The rubber material is precisely dielectric metal which impedes the flow of electrons, so it hinders the flow of electricity. This makes it electric shock resistive so can be used at hazardous areas.
  • Water-resistant and Flame Resistant:
  • It is waterproof to such a degree that if it is damp, it is still non-slip. Rubber has the ability of resisting the flame, that is why the rubber mats can be used at high hazardous locations.
  • More reliable and long lasting so on priority basis used in certain areas.
  • Non-slip and Soft:
  • Can avoid plunging and slipping, thus preventing accidents. Can absorb the impact and water.

Types of Rubber Matting:

There are several types of rubber matting which are used to serve various purposes. The mats are of different kinds: scraper mats, wiper mats, Recessed mats, drainage mats, etc.

Some of the kinds are given below.

  • Rubber mats as Car mats:
  • Rubber mats can be used to insulate the cars. It is best for car covering as it is simple to clean and safeguard the car from wear and stains.
  • Stable Mats:
  • Stable mats made of rubber are used to protect the horse and livestock from any moist and cold environment.
  • Anti-fatigue Mats:
  • The anti-fatigue mats are used in gyms as these enable a very relaxed exercise. Swarf mats are manufactured that filter out different kinds of minor residue.
  • Gym mats:
  • The mats used during workout must be gripped tightly on the floor to make it easy for athletes to pick the high weights up on a comfortable mat without the fear of slipping and thus avoiding any kind of accidents and injury.
  • Outdoor Mats:
  • The mats used outside of home are tough and weather resistive. These are placed outside so that when you enter the home, firstly you can rub your shoes over these mats and enter home without making it dirty.
  • Playground Mats:
  • These mats can be used in playground areas to assure the safety of children and protect them from any kind of damage.
  • Industrial mats:
  • These mats are used in industries where there is a workload and you have to remain stand for a longer period. These are installed near machines which need to be operated for easy standing of the employees


The rubber sheets are made from rubber which has the elements of great stability. Nitrile rubber sheets are used to cover your floors to protect it from stains, can withstand extra burden, hard so can’t be teared apart, filter out the mud, keep the home clean, long lasting, need low maintenance, can be placed in rolled form if not in use, very easy to clean, and much more.

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