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Wet Area Matting


What is wet area matting?

Wet area matting refers to all kinds of mats which are placed at different areas to soak up the water to and any kind of liquid to avoid slipping. These Mats consist of holes which allow the water to filter out to avoid slipping to prevent accidents. The water is easily drained away. These mats are extremely soft and comfortable for bare feet.

How are these mats anti-fatigue?

These mats are actually anti fatigue and installed at places which require a long period of standing, e.g near swimming pools. Standing for a longer period causes the leg muscles to stretch and flow of blood is reduced which causes pain in the legs. These mats are placed at these places as these allow the leg muscles to relax and increase the flow of blood to provide peace to the standing person.

How are these mats made?

These mats are made of rubber mixed with nitrile foam of closed cell composition. These mats give extra stability and grip to the floor. Durable and anti-fatigue mats. These mats are manufactured by keeping in mind all the safety precautions related to slipping, fatigue and standing.

Types of Wet Area Mats:

There are different types of locations which require different types of mats.


Swimming Pool Wet Area Soft Mats:

These wet area mats are soft enough that you can even walk over them barefoot comfortably. These mats are very smooth and soft. These mats not only provide grip to your feet but also have anti-bacterial characteristics which help to avoid any bad odor even in damp environments.

Oil and chemical resistant mats:

The mats with holes are placed to allow the drainage of oil or any chemical without disturbing the formation of these mats. The oil or chemicals are simply filtered out giving you a smooth and slip free area.

Anti-fatigue mats:

These mats are soft enough that it allows a very comfortable standing even for a longer period. Tough mats cause the muscles of the legs to pain, so these mats are installed at the places where a longer period of standing is required near any damp area like the kitchen.

Uses of Wet area mats:

Wet area mats are used at the places which are exposed to water, liquid or any liquid chemical. Exposure to different liquids can be very dangerous and risky. These mats help us to overcome this threat. Wet areas can cause slipping and tripping which can lead to severe accidents. So these mats are installed at these places to avoid any accidents. It helps to avoid accidents caused by wet areas.

Businesses which are continuously dealing with liquid and moist like spa, swimming pools need these mats. These mats are designed in such a way as to provide grip and traction under feet which allows you to stand without risk of falling down or tripping. These mats consist of holes which either soak up the water or pass it out for a non-slip floor. Drainage mats are used in wet, dry and slippery areas to improve safety and avoid slipping risks for employees.

Following are the main areas where wet areas must be installed:

  • Gyms
  • Swimming pools
  • Kitchen
  • Leisure centers
  • Spas
  • Industrial and Commercial Areas

Why are wet area mats significant?

Wet area matting is very important at the places which are directly exposed to water or any kind of liquid. Before going on any damp area it must be ensured that the area is safe as the wet area can cause labs which can lead to severe injury.

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