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Exercise Interlocking Rubber Mats For Floor



  1. FLOOR MAT SAFETY – Mats secures floors against cold, making it ideal for play regions for any room. Because of the simplicity of capacity, set up and removal capacity they can be utilized as a brief element.
  2. FLOOR PROTECTION – Shield your floor from scratches, thumps, gouges, cold, clamor, sweat and different liquids with likely the best and most secure defensive floor tangle accessible available.
  3. DURABLE and RELIABLE – Anti slip surface , the profoundly packed, non-harmful EVA froth with hostile to slip surface is impeccable as floor layering for wellness and exercise center spaces, under athletic gear, in youngster’s rooms, work spaces, carports, cellars and then some.
  4. USE FOR : Exercise Mats for Gymnastics, Fitness, Yoga, Martial expressions , Pilates, Gym mats , underlay for Exercise bicycles, Fitness gear, Treadmills, Cross mentor, Cardio bicycles, Sports hardware, Weight seats, pool and so on

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4 Mats (16 Square feet), 6 Mats (24 Square feet), 8 Mats ( 32 Square feet), 9 Mats ( 36 Square feet), 12 Mats ( 48 Square feet), 16 Mats( 64 Square feet), 20 Mats( 80 Square feet), 24 Mats( 96 Square feet), 32 Mats( 128 Square feet), 36 Mats( 144 Square feet), 40 Mats( 160 Square feet), 44 Mats( 176 Square feet), 48 Mats( 192 Square feet)