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Rubber Matting

Rubber Matting is ideally used for providing comfort under the feet. This matting allows you to keep your home clean as it absorbs the dirt and the mud stuck with shoes. This natural matting is soft enough to give you relief from fatigue. Manufactured from best quality raw material which is very finely finished to give you the best matting. The holes in this matt allows the dirt to filter out and give a clean area. Non-slip in nature which makes it ideal to be used even in wet and moist environments.


Rubber Mats made up of:

These mats are made from natural rubber and used to serve several applications. It comes in a broad range including gym mats, floor mats, anti fatigue mats, etc. The material used in these mats make these mats more sticky to the floor which prevents the users from slipping. These floor coverings are used in workshops, homes, gyms, etc.

Uses of Rubber Matting:

Natural rubber matting has fine sharp rubber edges which filter out the dirt and trap it in itself to give you a cleaner home. It is hard wearing and gives a perfect grip to the floor and your feet. Used on the floors which need additional safety. It features holes for filtering mud, sharp edges, waterproof and non-slip.

These natural rubber mats can also be placed on tables to protect the tables from hot dishes, used to hold the pot and as spoon rest. It not only provides relaxation but also can give a sense of warmth to you. These mats lower the voice transmission, so can be installed in auditoriums where seminars are conducted but the voices do not go out of that particular area.


  • Smell of Rubber Mats:
  • Carboxylic acids are present in the rubber mats which gives them a specific smell. The mats can be stopped by soaking them for 3 to 4 hours in a solution of baking soda and water. It will eliminate its specific smell to a greater extent.
  • Simple to use and store:
  • These can be rolled to place at confined spaces if not required. Simple to raise and replace.
  • Electric Shock Resistive:
  • The rubber material is actually dielectric metal which prevents the flow of electrons, so it inhibits the flow of electricity. This make is electric shock resistive so can be used at risky areas.
  • Easy to clean:
  • These Rubber mats can be easily cleaned with dish soaps, water and soft-bristle cleaning brush. You can use the bristles of brush to scrub out the dirt and mud and to remove the stains.
  • Waterproof and Flame Resistant:
  • It is waterproof to such an extent that if it is wet, it is still non-slip. Rubber has the capacity of resisting the flame, that is why the mats made of rubber can be used at high risk areas.
  • More durable and long lasting so preferably used in certain areas.
  • Non-slip and Soft:
  • Can avoid tripping and slipping, thus preventing accidents. It gives standing comfort by relaxing the fatigue and gives underfoot cushioning. Can absorb the impact and water.

Types of Rubber Matting:

There are many types of rubber matting which are used to serve different purposes. The mats are of different kinds consisting of scraper mats, wiper mats. Recessed mats, drainage mats, etc.

Some of the types are given below.

  • Rubber mats as Car mats:
  • Rubber mats can also be used to cover the cars. It is best for car covering as it is easy to clean and protect the car from wear and smudges. These are durable and long-lasting.
  • Stable Mats:
  • Stable mats made of rubber are used to insulate the horse and livestock from any moist and cold environment.
  • Anti-fatigue Mats:
  • The anti-fatigue mats are used in gyms as these allow a very comfortable workout. Swarf mats are manufactured that possess different kinds of minor residue.
  • Gym mats:
  • The mats used during workout must be very tightly held on the floor as while lifting weights the slipping can cause accidents, so to avoid these accidents rubber mats are best.
  • Outdoor Mats:
  • The mats used outside of home are tough and weather resistive.
  • Playground Mats:
  • These mats can be used in playground areas to ensure the safety of children and protect them from any kind of injury.

Types of Rubber used in mats:

Rubber flooring has three main types; Synthetic, latex and recycled. Ideal to be used in high traffic areas.


The rubber matts are made from natural rubber which has the characteristics of great stability. Some of the main and important characteristics are following:

  1. Can bear extreme load
  2. Very hard so can not be teared apart
  3. Excellent tensile strength
  4. Allows the work out in comfortable way
  5. Rubber nodules to filter out the dirt from shoes
  6. Outdoor mats allows the home to remain clean
  7. Durable
  8. Low maintenance
  9. Easy to clean
  10. Mats in roll form are easy to store in confined form
  11. Easy to lay
  12. Weather resistive
  13. Non-slip
  14. Waterproof


If you want to keep your home clean, to work out in a relaxing manner, to protect the tables from hot dishes, to prevent the stains and wear of cars, to protect the livestock from damp and moist environments and much more, then the most wise selection would be rubber mats. You can select from the vast range of Rubber mats.

We are here to serve you with the finely finished rubber mats which are made up of 100% natural rubber. These are processed in excellent manner to serve and fulfill all your needs.